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Is the Animal and Plant Health Agency's (APHA) National Bee Unit website. It is designed for beekeepers and it supports Scotland's Bee Health Programme which sets out to protect and sustain our valuable national bee stocks. It incorporates all the apicultural information  relating to the statutory bee health programme in England and Wales and since 2010 the Scottish programme. There are interactive maps, details of current research areas and advisory leaflets. Registered users can view their own apiary records, diagnostic histories and details.


SAC Consulting - Bee Health 

SAC delivers education, training and knowledge transfer on behalf of the Scottish Government to meet the outcomes of the Honey Bee Health Strategy for Scotland. The main aim of the strategy is to achieve a sustainable and healthy population of Honey Bees.


Graeme Sharpe

Beekeeping Advisor

John Niven Building, Auchincruive Estate, Ayr KA6 5HW

t: +44(0)1292 525375

e: Graeme Sharpe

Scottish Government - Honey Bee Health

Honey Bee Health 

Food & Agriculture Organisation (FAO)

FAO is an intergovernment organisation present in over 130 countries. It has one mission:

A world free from hunger and malnutrition

where food and agriculture contributes to improving the living standards of all. 


17,000+ articles on Honey are to be found on the FAO Website 

Honey Production Around the World 

National Honey Monitoring Scheme

Working in partnership with UK beekeepers, the National Honey Monitoring Scheme aims to use honeybees to monitor long-term changes in the condition and health of the UK countryside. However, they need the help of beekeepers if the scheme is to work.

National Honey Monitoring Scheme

National & International Associations:

Apiculture New Zealand

Is the peak body representing the New Zealand apiculture industry

Apiculture New Zealand

Bee Farmers Association 

The Bee Farmers’ Association is the voice of professional beekeeping in the United Kingdom (UK). As the industry trade association, it currently represents around 450 bee farming businesses ...

Bee Farmers Association

British Bee Veterinary Association

You will find general information on bees, beekeeping, honey and other hive products as well as more veterinary-specific topics including bee diseases, diagnosis and treatment. There is also a directory of resources for further information.

British Bee Veterinary Association

Isle of Man Beekeepers Federation

The Federation is affiliated to the BBKA and is comprised of three local area associations:

Southern District Beekeepers Association
Western Beekeepers Association
Ramsey and District Beekeepers Association

    The Isle of Man Beekeepers Federation

    The Scottish Beekeepers' Association (SBA)

    Supporting Scottish Bees and Beekeepers. Founded in 1912 as the national beekeeping body for Scotland to represent, educate, assist, inform, insure and bring together over 1,500 beekeepers in Scotland. 


    The British Beekeepers Association (BBKA)

    Founded in 1874 with a 25,000 strong membership, the BBKA represents the views of beekeepers all over the UK.


    The Central Association of Beekeepers

    Enables beekeepers, bee scientists and others interested in bees to keep in touch with the latest research and ideas about bees and related topics. Acting as a bridge between the beekeeper and the scientist.


    Welsh Beekeepers' Association

    A national support organisation for beekeepers' in Wales


    Ulster Beekeepers Association

    Formed in 1942, an Association of affiliated local Beekeeping Associations in Northern Ireland


    The Institute of Northern Ireland Beekeepers 

    The Institute of Northern Ireland Beekeepers is a charitable organisation. It has a deep commitment to educating and informing the public about beekeeping. Each year the INIB runs a programme of events to help inform and educate people about honeybees and about the craft of beekeeping.

    The highlight of the INIB calendar is the Annual Conference and Honey Show. In hosting the conference and other beekeeping related events, the INIB seeks to improve the knowledge of and standards of beekeeping in Northern Ireland.

    The INIB’s annual programme is directed at the growing number of people who are interested in honeybees, beekeeping and the role these fascinating little insects have to play in our wider environment.  Honeybees and other pollinating insects are under continued and varied threat. The INIB works to inform people how they can help preserve these important insects.

    INI Beekeepers

    The Scottish Native Honey Bee Society (SNHBS) is a charity which is registered in Scotland with OSCR. Their aims are :

    • To encourage beekeeping using Scottish native honey bees and promote their reinstatement within Scotland
    • To share skills in assessment, breeding and propagation of native and local honey bees
    • To promote the qualities of native honey bees to beekeepers
    • To promote the conservation of native honey bees to the public and work towards positive actions for conservation
    • To encourage scientific research that clarifies the conservation, improvement and health of native honey bees


    International Bee Research Association 

    The International Bee Research Association (IBRA) promotes the value of bees by providing information on bee science and beekeeping worldwide. 


    The Journal of Apicultural Research is published on behalf of IBRA. Access the website Here 

    Ohio State Beekeepers Association

    A web based Introductory Beekeeping Training Programme (34 video segments plus powerpoint presentations)

    Ohio State Beekeepers Association

    The Honey Association

    The London Beekeepers' Association

    The London Beekeepers' Association (LBKA) is a volunteer-run members' organisation and Registered Charity 


    Somerset Beekeepers' Association

    Est 1906 to support Somerset's honeybees and beekeepers

    Somerset Beekeepers' Association

    Local Associations:

    Ayr & District Beekeepers Association

    Has been in existence since about 1917 and is comprised predominantly of beekeepers residing in South, East an North Ayrshire.

    Ayr & District Beekeepers Association 

    Borders Beekeepers Association 


    • To promote beekeeping in The Scottish Borders

    • To support teaching and learning about honey bees in The Scottish Borders

    Border Beekeepers Association

    Dingwall & District Beekeepers' Association

    A small group of amateur beekeepers based in the Dingwall area but serving the Black Isle northwards to Evanton/Alness in the east and westwards to the West Coast of Ross-shire. 

    Dingwall & District Beekeepers' Association

    East Lothian Beekeepers' Association

    Oldest Beekeeping Association in Scotland

    The Association seeks to encourage and promote beekeeping by bringing novice and experienced beekeepers together. In the summer months we visit members' apiaries to learn from each others' methods. In addition, a small number of hives are run as an Association apiary to provide a teaching resource.

    East Lothian Beekeepers' Association

    Easter Ross Beekeepers

    Easter Ross Beekeepers Association, a web site for Apriairists - Bees Need BeeKeepers! The apiary hosts meetings throughout the summer (every 2nd Saturday of the month). We always look forward to learning more under the careful tutelage of our great and knowledgeable Apriairist! We are passionate about our bees! 

    Easter Ross Beekeepers

    Edinburgh and Midlothian Beekeepers' Association

    The Edinburgh & Midlothian Beekeepers' Association is one of the oldest Beekeeping Associations in Scotland, dating back to 1894.


    Glasgow and District Beekeepers' Association

    The aims of the association are:

    • to enjoin and encourage all who are interested in apiculture
    • to arrange educational facilities through the promotion of lectures and discussions
    • to provide practical demonstrations and exhibitions of beekeeping and honey production


    GDBA Secretary

    Moray Beekeepers Association

    Was established in 1919. A growing number of mostly amateur beekeepers located in North East Scotland, with the association being based in Moray.

    Moray Beekeepers' Association

    Peeblesshire Beekeepers Association 

    Established 1919

    Peeblesshire Beekeepers Association

    South of Scotland Beekeepers Association

    Based in Dumfries and Galloway, South West Scotland. Members come from as far as Langholm in the East to Newton Stewart in the West. The association has around 120 members.

    South of Scotland Beekeepers Association 

    West Linton and District Beekeepers Association

    Formed in 1950 by four local West Linton beekeepers, though beekeeping in the village had been practiced for much longer as the bee boles in St Andrews Church Yard evidence, and bees were previously kept on the  Upper Green.

    A small and friendly beekeepers' association based in West Linton and the surrounding countryside of the Scottish Borders, Midlothian, Lanarkshire, and Peeblesshire. New members are always welcome. Members are enthusiastic about sharing their knowledge and passion. Their interests are broad and they enjoy keeping bees for different reasons, whether it be enjoying the honey produced, seeing the colonies thrive, or simply enjoying the the company of fellow beekeepers.

    West Linton and District Beekeepers' Association



    The Informed Voice of British Beekeeping - Your Apimondia Medal Winning Bee Magazine - The Official Journal of the British Beekeepers' Association.
    Editor : Claire Waring
    Deputy Editors: Stephen Fleming & Richard Rickitt


    American Bee Journal

    The American Bee Journal was established in 186. The journal has the honour of being the oldest English language beekeeping publication in the world.

    American Bee Journal

    Bee Culture

    Brings you new ideas for keeping bees. Monthly. Enjoy and profit from your bees.

    Bee Culture

    Bee Farmer

    Magazine of the Bee Farmers' Association focused on professional beekeeping interests.

    Bee Farmer


    The journal of the Devon Beekeepers' Association.


    Bees For Development Journal

    The journal for sustainable beekeeping.

    Bees For Development Journal 

    NZ Beekeeper

    Journal of Apiculture New Zealand

    Journal of Apiculture New Zealand


    National Beekeeping Suppliers:

    aa labels

    Specialise in the production of labels in both roll and sheet formats, along with printing services using state-of-the-art HP digital print technology.

    aa labels 

    EH Thorne

    The online shop is full of beekeeping and candlemaking equipment for the new or experienced beekeeper.

    They have been manufacturing beekeeping equipment for over 100 years and are justifiably proud of the quality of their products and the service they offer.

    EH Thorne

    Other Useful Links:

    Bee Connected

    Connecting beekeepers and farmers

    A Voluntary Initiative, supported by the Crop Protection Association. Bee Connected aims to help the communication between beekeepers and farmers.

    Bee Connected 

    Beekeeping in Australia

    The definitive guide for absolute beginners

    Beekeeping in Australia


    Certified Scottish Beemaster Ann Chilcott shares her knowledge of honey bees, though articles, scientific references, photographs and personal experience of beekeeping...    Where learning from the honeybee is key.



    The only organisation in Europe devoted to the conservation of all invertebrates including bees


    Bumblebee Conservation Trust

    Support the conservation of all bumblebees, rare or abundant.

    Bumblebee Conservation


    is the national society dedicated to studying and recording bees, wasps & ants (aculeate Hymenoptera) in Britain & Ireland. 


    Dave Cushman

    Dave Cushman's website is a huge resource that is considered by many to be the world's most comprehensive and authoritative beekeeping website. Dave was disabled in his latter years, with limited physical ability. He spent much of his time finding or writing material for this resource. He was rightly proud of it. Dave passed away on 22nd February 2011 and Roger Patterson is continuing to maintain it according to his wishes.

    Dave Cushman 


    Undertakes research and is a leading source of advice on the conservation of bees, wasps, ants and other invertebrates in the British Isles. Registered in England No. 5761114 Registered Charity No. 1124636


    Moray Beekeeping Dinosaurs

    Moray Beekeeping Dinosaurs are an informal, virtual and diverse group of beekeepers. With no committee, no governors, no assets and they have but one common aim and that is to promote beekeeping and the welfare of the honey bee without an excess of red tape and other items being introduced into Beekeeping Associations.

    Moray Beekeeping Dinosaurs

    Moray Beekeeping Dinosaurs Pollen Guide

    National Botanic Garden of Wales

    Planting for pollinators

    National Botanic Garden of Wales - Garden Blog

    The Apiarist - Beekeeping, so much more than honey 

    David Evans is a Beekeeper in Fife and Professor of Virology in the School of Biology and Director of the Biomedical Sciences Research Complex, University of St. Andrews. His research interests include the replication and evolution of important human and animal viral pathogens including poliovirus and both deformed wing virus and chronic bee paralysis virus of honeybees. 

    The Apiarist 

    The Barefoot Beekeeper

    Practical, balanced, natural beekeeping in top bar hives

    The Bare Foot Beekeeper

    The Highland Biological Recording Group

    Dedicated to recording Highland wildlife. Here you will find a list of all Scottish aculeates.

    The Highland Biological Recording Group

    Stewart's Beekeeping Basics - The Norfolk Honey Company 

    Here you will find a wide range of videos suitable for people thinking about getting started in beekeeping. 15,000+ subscribers

    The Norfolk Honey Company - Stewart's Beekeeping Basics

    The Walrus and the Honeybee

    Steve Donohoe, Author of "Interviews with Beekeepers"

    The Walrus and the Honeybee

    Randy Oliver

    Beekeeping through the eyes of a Biologist (American)

    Scientific Beekeeping 

    Roger Patterson's Honey Recipes

    The purpose of this site is to provide a source of recipes using honey that will appeal to both beekeepers and non-beekeepers worldwide.

    The site has been designed with simplicity in mind. This site will be changing and developing frequently and the visitor is advised to check on a regular basis. It has a policy of continuous improvement

    Honey Recipes

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