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  • Thursday, June 06, 2019 20:53 | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    The students participating in the Newbattle Abbey College Beekeeping evening course took the opportunity to visit the NBA apiary on Wednesday evening 05 June. They were given the opportunity to inspect a hive and taste honey fresh from the frame.

    Click on the link below to see a short video of their visit

    NAC Beekeeping Course participants visit NBA Apiary

  • Thursday, June 06, 2019 16:32 | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    All six candidates were successful in the March Exam, Selection and Breeding of Honeybees.

    The successful candidates were;

    Lorraine Aitken . Annette Evans. Ewan Mealyou. Neil Rutherford.

    Josefine Schneit-Frazer. Martin Vevers

    Congratulations One and All.

  • Thursday, May 30, 2019 17:33 | Anonymous member (Administrator)


    ‘Fans of Cloud Atlas and Never Let Me Go will love The History of Bees’ Good Housekeeping
    ‘Dystopian and electric, this book is set to blow minds everywhere' Stylist
    'Haunting and poignant ... an important and wonderful book' Dave Goulson, bestselling author of Bee Quest

    In the spirit of Station Eleven and Never Let Me Go, this dazzling and ambitious literary debut follows three generations of beekeepers from the past, present, and future, weaving a spellbinding story of their relationship to the bees – and to their children and one another – against the backdrop of an urgent, global crisis.

    England, 1851. William is a biologist and seed merchant, who sets out to build a new type of beehive—one that will give both him and his children honour and fame.

    United States, 2007. George is a beekeeper and fights an uphill battle against modern farming, but hopes that his son can be their salvation.

    China, 2098. Tao hand paints pollen onto the fruit trees now that the bees have long since disappeared. When Tao’s young son is taken away by the authorities after a tragic accident—and is kept in the dark about his whereabouts and condition—she sets out on a grueling journey to find out what happened to him.

    Haunting, illuminating, and deftly written, The History of Bees joins these three very different narratives into one gripping and thought provoking story that is just as much about the powerful relationships between children and parents as it is about our very relationship to nature and humanity.
  • Thursday, May 30, 2019 16:14 | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    This story appeared on The BBC website today (30 May 2019)

    Beekeepers across Scotland have been urged to be vigilant for signs of a disease after an outbreak was found in an apiary in West Lothian.

    Read the full story Here

  • Wednesday, May 29, 2019 09:26 | Anonymous member (Administrator)


    The NBA, Newbattle Beekeepers Association had the great pleasure of hosting guests from EMBA, Edinburgh & Midlothian Beekeepers Association on Sunday.

    They attentively listened to “Our Journey “ from our humble beginnings to where we stand today. 

    It was then into the Apiary, although the weather wasn’t kind to us, we tentatively opened one hive.
    After quite a lot of discussion as one can imagine when more than two Beekeepers get together, rights/wrongs, do’s/do nots & have you tried this etc. we went back to the Academy where we enjoyed a lovely lunch.
    An invitation was extended from EMBA to visit them next year, we look froward to it.
    To our visitors “thanks for the pleasure of your company”
    Haste ye back.

  • Sunday, May 26, 2019 08:22 | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    I saw this on the BBC News App and thought you should see it:

    Ever seen a blob of foam on a plant and wondered how it got there?

    The frothy spittle, sometimes called cuckoo spit, is actually a telltale sign that an insect known as the spittlebug is feeding on a plant.

    Scientists are calling for thousands of volunteers to help record sightings of spittle and spittlebugs across the UK.

    The information will be used to map the distribution of the insect, in a pre-emptive strike against a deadly plant disease.

    Xylella has struck several EU countries, blighting olive groves in southern Italy. The UK is clear of the disease but is on high alert.

    Find Out More Here 

  • Thursday, May 23, 2019 08:46 | Anonymous member (Administrator)


    2019 Queen Rearing Project - First Pictures Posted

    Ewan posted yesterday on the Queen Rearing Forum and included a couple of photographs.

    Keep up to date with the activities by subscribing to the Forum. Both Ewan (Miller Method) and Neil (Cupkit) have started to post on the forum with their latest news.

    Please make comment and ask questions using the Forum.

    You will be taken to the Queen Rearing Project page by clicking Here 

  • Tuesday, May 21, 2019 11:06 | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    I saw this on the BBC News App and thought you should see it:

    Scientists: Why we should appreciate wasps
  • Sunday, May 19, 2019 12:06 | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Unfortunately BeeCraft have cancelled the May Webinar. The next one is scheduled for 19 June 2019 at 20:00

    Click here to visit the BeeCraft Webinar page 

    Also the place to go for previous BeeCraft Live Events

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