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Celebrate World Bee Day with NBA - Plant For Pollinators

20 May 2023 08:00 | Anonymous member (Administrator)

The theme this year is - Bee Engaged & Bee Pollinator Friendly

7 Things You Can Do for Pollinators


  • Habitat opportunities abound on every landscape – from window boxes, farms, business & school campuses and roadside verges – every site can be a habitat.
  • Utilise plants native to your area (or at the least, non-invasive for your area)
  • Know your soil type and select appropriate plant material.
  • Plant in clusters to create a "a target' for pollinators to find.
  • Plant for continuous flowering throughout the growing season - Spring to Autumn.
  • Select a site that is sheltered from wind, has at least partial sun, and can provide water.
  • Allow material from dead branches and logs to remain as nesting sites; Allow patches of bare ground for ground-nesting bees to use; consider installing bee hotels for wood-nesting natives.
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