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Newbattle Beekeepers Association

Book the Bee Academy for your next Event

Venue information:

Newbattle Bee Academy is situated in the grounds of beautiful and historic Newbattle Abbey College on the outskirts of Dalkeith in the heart of central Scotland.

It could well be the perfect setting for your next event.

To arrange a viewing or to find out more please contact us.

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Planning an Event and looking for a venue? 

Please Note:

A session is considered to be a half (1/2) day (4 hours maximum ) use (morning, afternoon or evening). The minimum hire period is one session.

The room hire charge is £50 per session. 

Length (metres)


Maximum Capacity

50 - 60 standing (chairs can be arranged along a side wall if required)

40 seated (theatre style) comfortable 

50 seated (theatre style) tight

50 is the maximum number of seats available

12 seated (boardroom style)

24 seated (cabaret style)

36 seated (at individual tables of 6)

12 seated (horseshoe style)

15 seated (open space style)

Read & Download the Documents Below

Room Layout Configerations

Catering Options

General Conditions of Letting

Booking Form (Pdf) 

Booking Form (Word Download)

Privacy Policy (Download)

Privacy Policy (Read only) 

The best way to layout a room is dependant on a number of factors including:

  • The size of the audience
  • The level of activity and interaction required

Make Your Booking Request

  • Check the calendar below to make sure the Bee Academy is available on the date(s) you require. Click on the event to find out if it is being held at the Bee Academy. 'For Information Only' means that the event is being held at another venue. 
  • To proceed with a booking request download the booking form here.
  • Complete the form in BLOCK CAPITALS
  • Confirm that you have read the Conditions of Let and agree your responsibility for ensuring compliance with these conditions
  • Make a copy of the Booking Request Form, keeping a copy for yourself and attach it to the Booking Request Email  

Year: 2023

1January, 2023
Jan 18 Foster Parent Forum - Bee Diseases, Poisons and Pests, Apiary Cleanliness
Feb 01 Rescheduled Foster Parent Forum - Varroa, Feeding & Robbing
Feb 05 Bee Academy Library - Open for Borrowing & Return of Books
Feb 15 Education Sub Group Meeting
Feb 22 Foster Parent Forum - Plants and Bees, June gap
Mar 04 BIG - Microscopy Workshop - First Date - 4 March 2023
Mar 05 Bee Academy Library - Open for Borrowing & Return of Books
Mar 05 March Monthly Meeting - Speaker John Hill (by Webinar) Propolis - A Remarkable Substance. Followed by Networking ( with a Bite to Eat)
Mar 07 Board of Trustees Meeting - 7 March 2023
Mar 11 Cancelled - BIG - Microscopy Workshop - Second Date - 11 March 2023
Mar 15 Bee Academy Library - Open for Borrowing & Return of Books
Mar 15 Foster Parent Forum - 1st Colony Inspection, Healthy Brood Nest, Feeding, Uniting
Mar 16 Newbattle Teaching Apiary - Support Group Information Session
Mar 18 Scottish Beekeepers Association Modules - Written Examinations
Mar 25 BIG - Microscopy Workshop - Third Date - 25 March 2023
Mar 29 Education Sub Group Meeting
Mar 30 Board of Trustees Meeting - 30 March 2023
Apr 01 BIG - Equipment Building Workshop
Apr 02 2023 Annual General Meeting - Sunday 2 April, 2023
Apr 11 Board of Trustees Meeting - 11 April 2023
Apr 19 Foster Parent Forum - Reading a colony, Queens, Varroa Board, Drones and Supering
Apr 22 22 April - Join the Work Party & Help to Prepare for the New Season
May 07 Bee Academy Library - Open for Borrowing & Return of Books
May 07 May Monthly Meeting - Swarming - Lorraine Aitken will lead the discussion - Followed by a Bite to Eat
May 09 Board of Trustees Meeting - 9 May 2023
May 16 Support Sub Group Meeting
May 23 Education Sub Group Meeting
May 24 Foster Parent Forum - Value of Strong Colonies, Swarming, Tasks in May and June, June Gap
May 30 Board of Trustees Meeting - 30 May 2023
May 31 Foster Parent Forum - Final Chat. Q&A session
Jun 01 Outreach - King's Park Primary School (Visit to Bee Academy)
Jun 03 3 June - Join the Work Party & Help to Prepare the Cottage & Surrounds for the Basic Beekeeper Examinations
Jun 05 Cancelled - Board of Trustees Meeting - 5 June 2023
Jun 07 Newbattle Abbey College - Introduction to Beekeeping
Jun 10 Examination Times for the SBA - Basic Beekeeping Examination - 2023 - Newbattle Teaching Apiary
Jun 10 June Meeting - It is also Basic Beekeeper (BB) Examination Day! Come On Over to Celebrate & Encourage our Candidates
Jul 02 Register NOW - Beginner Beekeepers' Course July 23 - June 24

Newbattle Abbey College is on Newbattle Road, Dalkeith

The Postcode is EH22 3LL

Enter the college grounds through the main gate and proceed towards the main college building directly ahead. At the end of the main drive bear to the left towards the boundary fence between the College grounds and the Business Park. Do not enter the Business Park. At the boundary fence bear to the right and proceed ahead with the fence now on your left. The Bee Academy building is straight ahead and to the right.

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