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What we do:

  • Encourage, promote and advance the craft of beekeeping.
  • Support honeybees and beekeepers.
  • Train and mentor new beekeepers.
  • Provide an apiary for demonstration and training purposes.
  • Advance member education by arranging lectures, visits and. practical demonstrations in relation to the craft of beekeeping.
  • Work to improve the standards of beekeeping.
  • Work to advance environmental protection by conserving the honeybee.
  • Promote the products of beekeeping.

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The Honey & Craft Show Tent will open on 2 December to View the Entries

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2020 Virtual
                                               Honey & Craft Show

Categories / Classes

Honey - Provide a photograph of comb honey, jarred bloom or set honey or comb in blossom honey (no labels)

  • Baking - Provide a photograph of an item of baking, the recipe for which includes honey (please also provide the recipe), or the decoration reflects a beekeeping or Christmas theme

  • Craft Work - Provide a photograph of a craft item of choice reflecting a beekeeping theme

  • Photography - A photograph of a beekeeping or gardening subject that delights you and/or a photograph of your decorated hive
  • Waxworks = A photograph of an item you have crafted from beeswax  

How to Enter

Download your entry Form and Exhibit Card (Select either word or PDF version) 

entry form and card (word)

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Get snapping

Return the form along with your photograph(s)



The Deadline for submissions was 

30 November 

The Honey and Craft Show tent will be open on  1 December to view the entries

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Many of our Upcoming Meetings and Events scheduled to take place at the Bee Academy are now happening online using the Zoom meeting or webinar application.Check out our Latest News Updates or Event Detail listings below for further information  

Find out more about how to use Zoom for the first time by clicking on Zoom and read the NBA meeting Attendee Guide Here

Defra, the Scottish Government and the Welsh Government ask us to be responsible and to ensure that we continue good beekeeping practices whilst observing Government guidelines on COVID-19

Click on the link above to read these. They can also be found on  (click on BeeBase to visit their website)

BeeBase is the Animal and Plant Health Agency's (APHA) National Bee Unit website. It is designed for beekeepers and it supports Scotland's Bee Health Programme which sets out to protect and sustain our valuable national bee stocks. It incorporates all the apicultural information  relating to the statutory bee health programme in England and Wales and since 2010 the Scottish programme. There are interactive maps, details of current research areas and advisory leaflets. Registered users can view their own apiary records, diagnostic histories and details.

Latest News Updates                Upcoming Events           


Our website has taken on added importance as a way of communication and providing information. If you have any suggestions as to what you would like to see on the site please let us know and we will do our best to oblige .

Check out the latest additions to the website below

Junior Rangers (JRs) pay us a visit

All ready and waiting for our guests to arrive

Litter picking in Lord Ancrum's Wood immediately before heading over to the Bee Academy

Newbattle Abbey College Junior Rangers’ (JRs) busy and fun day culminated in attending a talk at the NBA Bee Academy this afternoon. Keeping up with the outdoor theme and despite the rain Helen and Malcolm hosted the JRs outside talking about all things bees     and used the NBA WiFi and laptop to share a few videos. Lots of interest and attention was shown and great questions asked. Honey tasting and ending the session with hot chocolate was warmly received.   Some of the JRs will be moving up to Dalkeith High School when the new school year starts and will be seeking out teacher and NBA member Ross McGlade about the planned bee club and N5 certificate in beekeeping studies......

Does this fit me?

What is this for?

NBA Bees Go Back to School

The association has established a relationship with Dalkeith High School to assist with the establishment of an apiary at the school that will allow interested pupils to learn about the art and craft of beekeeping. Neil Rutherford is leading the project on behalf of the association and is working with Ross McGlade, a teacher at the school and also a member of the association to set up a school apiary and to act as mentor to Ross. The first colony took up residence on Saturday 18 July in a secure but very visible area of the school premises.

(click on the bee to read more about the school project) 


An ideal location for the school apiary

Ross and Neil 

The Hive awaits the transfer of the colony

Gilbert (Happy) O'Conner and Mike Duncan (The Pleasure Pirates), reworked and reworded this song especially for the fundraising Sundowner for Bees for Development, held 10th June 2020. Made famous by Dame Shirley Bassey, the song was originally written by Michael Julien and Al Timothy. Grab yourself a sundowner and enjoy...

A mid-17th century proverbial bee-keeper's saying:

Watch the birth of a queen bee

(click on the queen cell)


To everyone who has made a contribution to our Covid-19 Appeal. Your generosity is much appreciated. Your contribution will help us to pay the bills during these trying times.

Donations to date (20/09/20) amount to: 


To Lift Your Spirits 

At the End of the Rainbow - Mosi-o-tunya (the smoke that thunders) - A Truly Wondrous Sight

(click on the rainbow)

Using Zoom is a way to reach out virtually and stay connected – especially as you are staying at home during the coronavirus outbreak. Watch the video by clicking on the image (right) to see and hear about the easy steps to join a Zoom call for the first time.

Click on the Recipe Book to take you to some mouth watering recipes using honey

The Beekeeping Year - Autumn     check out the beekeeping tasks for the third month of the autumn season by clicking on November (below left)

A non-native invasive plant.

The largest annual plant in Britain, growing up to 2.5m high from seed in a single season. Himalayan balsam spreads quickly as it can project its seeds up to four metres. Many seeds drop into the water and contaminate land and riverbanks downstream, but the explosive nature of its seed release means it can spread upstream too.

It has large 'policeman's helmet' pink-purple flowers. Leaves have small red teeth at the edge and are in whorls of 3 or opposite. The stem is reddish.

Photos from inside a tree reveal the intimate lives of wild honeybees.

Unprecedented images show how the insects cook invaders alive, stay warm or cool, and socialise.

A Big Thank You to Myriam, Helen & David 

At the association AGM held on 2 February, 2020 Martin Vevers, the newly elected Chairperson presented small tokens of appreciation to Myriam Baete who is standing down as Apiary Manager, Helen Nelson who served for four years as the association Secretary and David Hennessey who stood down from his role as Chairperson in October 2019.

Each received a hardwood board made from locally sourced timber and made by association member Michaela Huber. The boards are engraved with a Celtic bee which is used as part of the Newbattle Beekeepers Association logo.

Helen was later elected to serve as Vice Chairperson and Myriam & David were elected as Trustees for 2020.

 Celebrating Success   

Martin went on to present certificates to those members present who were successful in passing SBA Module Examinations in Apiculture. Martin was also successful in the examination he sat and his certificate was presented to him by Neil Rutherford, Study group leader.

Edith Butler

Michaela Huber


Neil presenting Martin with his certificate

Annette and Ewan are one examination away from attaining all seven SBA Apiculture modules.

They are currently preparing to sit Module 8, their final module exam in March November of this year.

Should they be successful in that examination they will be awarded the Advanced Module Certificate to recognise having passed all 7 modules .

Ewan has started his preparations for the Intermediate Practical Certificate which will be followed by the Apiarean (advanced practical) Certificate. On attaining that, Ewan will be awarded the Expert Beekeeper Certificate.

Lorraine Aitken

Annette Evans & Ewan Mealyou

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Visit our Learn More page for further information on beekeeping and our many activities. You will find leaflets and articles covering a wide range of beekeeping topics and information on Newbattle Beekeepers Association & Bee Academy activities.

Year Long Beginner Beekeepers' Course

Starting August 2020 (delayed from July) 

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About Us

Newbattle Beekeepers Association (NBA) started in the grounds of Newbattle Abbey College (NBAC) in 2013 with 4 members of the Lamancha Beekeepers Association, established in 2010, and formerly based at Lamancha Organic Farm near West Linton. Through the dedication of its initial membership, the Newbattle Beekeepers' Association has grown to 80+ members and has become one of the foremost Scottish associations, trailblazing in the field of education for new and not so new beekeepers. 

As well as supporting the more experienced beekeeper, NBA operates with a strong emphasis on training new beekeepers to become certified Scottish Beekeeping Association (SBA) Basic Beekeepers following a full-year practical training programme involving caring for and maintaining a colony of bees in a dedicated hive. Find out more about the programme Here

The course participants join as members of the association through referral, or from having completed the Introduction to Beekeeping classes sponsored by and held at Newbattle Abbey College and delivered each year over a 6 weeks' period in late Spring and Autumn.

We also offer a programme of lectures, visits, demonstrations and other practical activities related to the craft of beekeeping. 

In May 2018, on World Bee Day we launched Newbattle Bee Academy to promote the art and craft of beekeeping and as a resource to be used by the community.

On 28 August 2019 the Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator (OSCR) entered the association in the Scottish Charity Register. This means that Newbattle Beekeepers Association now has charitable status under the Charities and Trustee Investment (Scotland) Act 2005. Our charity number is SC049575. 

As a registered charity we are required to supply a copy of our constitution to anyone who asks for it. You can read and download a copy Here

We are also required to supply a copy of our annual accounts (January - December 2020). Request a copy Here

Why You'll Love Keeping Bees

Is Beekeeping For Me?                                           

If you like thriving gardens, biology, nature, and helping the community and environment, keeping bees can be a deeply satisfying hobby.

As you've no doubt heard and read, pollinators are experiencing unprecedented decline. The reasons are many, but interest in beekeeping is growing because of it. One way to provide garden and community pollination is by keeping honeybees. Hive by-products are a major bonus. Honey for eating and cooking and wax for candles, balms and other products.                


Learning the Craft

Successful beekeeping calls for an ability to handle bees with gentleness and firmness, and without fear. The good beekeeper will train to become keenly observant, capable of making quick and accurate diagnosis, and be alive to the needs of their bees. The intending beekeeper is advised not to acquire bees until they have had an initial period of preparation in the elements of the craft. this can be done by handling bees under supervision. Newbattle Beekeepers Association gives the aspiring beekeeper the opportunity of meeting experienced local beekeepers and the benefits offered by the association including hands on training delivered through  Newbattle Bee Academy

About Honey Bees

  • Of an estimated 25,000 known species of bee worldwide, only seven are honey bees.
  • Honey bees have been on earth, making honey, for about 100 million years.
  • All worker bees are female. Male bees, drones, do no work in the hive; their sole purpose in life is to fertilise a queen.
  • The Honey Bee (Apis Mellifera) is environmentally friendly and is vital as a pollinator
  • A bee will visit 50 to a 100 flowers whilst collecting pollen or nectar. Unlike many other pollinators, honey bees will only forage on a single type of flower on any one trip.
  • It is the only insect that produces food eaten by man
  • A strong colony of bees can contain between 40,000 and 60,000 bees during the late spring and early summer. In winter, the colony will drop to around a quarter of its summer size. 

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"The keeping of bees is like the direction of sunbeams"

Henry David Thoreau

Henry David Thoreau lived for two years, two months, and two days by Walden Pond in Concord, Massachusetts. His time in Walden Woods became a model of deliberate and ethical living. His words and deeds continue to inspire millions around the world who seek solutions to critical environmental and societal challenges.

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