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Newbattle Beekeepers Association

Newbattle BeeKeepers Association - Spray Liaison

Newbattle Beekeepers Association operates a Spray Liaison Scheme to act as an interface between local farmers and the Associations beekeepers.  This provides a single point of contact for farmers and spray contractors who are going to spray pesticides and need to inform the beekeepers in their area. The Code of Conduct and the British Beekeepers’ Association recommend that to minimise risks to flying insects, spraying should be done either first thing in the morning or, preferably, in the evening when bees have stopped flying.

Farmers or contractors who intend to spray should notify the Association Spray Liaison Officer with at least 48 hours’ notice with the information listed below. This information will be sent to the Associations beekeepers with hives in the area and allow them time to take any necessary precautions

Please fill out the below form, or contact or call 07801452354/07759600003 and provide:

  • Name of farmer and/or spray contractor plus contact telephone number and email address
  • Postcodes or grid reference of areas to be sprayed and name of closest town or village
  • Date and time of proposed spraying
  • Crop to be sprayed
  • Chemicals to be sprayed, including active ingredients (where known)
  • Categorisation of Product if known - Harmful / Dangerous / Extremely Dangerous

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