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The Beekeeping Year - April 

  • Look Out for Failed Colonies -  
With the weather improving and the days getting longer the bees should be flying more frequently now, although it may still not be warm enough yet for inspections to begin. It should be possible, however, to spot any failed colonies and at the very least block these up so they can't be entered by bees from other hives.
  • Clean or Swap Floors - 
Even if it it too cool to open the hives this is the time when floors may be cleaned, or clean floors swapped-in, making sure that the debris of the winter is removed. This can also give useful clues as to the state of the colonies.  
  • Be  Ready with Supers and Queen Excluders -
By the end of the month dandelions should be flowering so be ready with supers and queen excluders as this can be a very productive time. Lastly, don't forget that swarming will be starting soon, it is a good idea to have decided on your approach and have all the necessary equipment ready in advance.  

Take a look at your virtual hive record Here

Top Tip - Start using the Discussion Forum in your virtual hive record page to discuss colony management with your mentor and the apiary management team. 

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